Who is Ta?alunauW and Queets Canoe Society?

Ta?alunauW, The Quinault Canoe Society and Queets Canoe Society were organized for the villages of Taholah and Queets to involve the Quinault community in the continuing cultural activities of the traditional canoe ways. To ensure participation with the canoe families of the coastal tribes, and to promote, strengthen, and preserve the culture and traditions of the Quinault people.

The Ta?alunauW and Queets Canoe Club, as well as canoe families are working to heighten the awareness of native people and their culture by continuing the revival of tradition and culture to teach traditional values of generosity, respect, forgiveness, honor humility, commitment and personal responsibility. Annually Ta?alunauW Canoe Society and the Queets Canoe Club take the lead in organizing the voyage on the ocean water for Quinault.

The Ta?alunauw, The Quinault Canoe Society and Queets Canoe Society are non-profit organization maintaining 501c3 status.

video slide show: Quinaults paddle to Swinomish 2011


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